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mike albanese

Mike is a stand up comedian, writer and emcee.  He has performed in clubs and theaters all over the country and gives talks at conventions and industry summits on his favorite topic; humor!


-Mike interviewing Susan Bennit, the voice of Siri (Atlanta, GA- 3,000 in attendees)            

As a comedian, Mike tells personal stories to engage his audiences, and as a writer and content creator, he uses his years of experience writing comedy for himself, and some of the biggest names in comedy to convey the importance in all forms of content.




-Mike interviewing Chelsea Handler, from Chelsea Lately (Denver, CO- 3,900 attendees)            


In addition to performing, speaking and emceeing events for a wide range of industries, Mike has appeared in several national commercials, feature films & network TV shows! 



-Mike after speaking at the ReImagine Conference (Long Beach, CA- 8,000 attendees)            

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